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If you are a booker, you can depend on us to find the guest you need. With over 20 years combined experience, our team will come through for you. We are not a public relations firm. We are television bookers ready to find you the best guest for your segment. We only pitch you guests that we would book ourselves and have a stringent vetting policy before the pitch ever reaches your In-box. Our team experience includes having worked for: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Good Morning America, Hachette Publishing, Thomas Nelson Publishing, PMK/HBH and the U.S. Army Public Affairs. We don’t just offer any old pitch, instead we think like bookers and anticipate all the needs surrounding a segment including the booking, the elements of a segment, the pre-interview and consideration of logistics including transportation and studio location.

If you would like to enhance your guest bookings for your television/radio shows, we are a one-stop shop. The success of your show depends on the quality of your guests and we specialize in helping you through Breaking News and the every-day booking. We help you land the big name interviews you need to boost ratings and increase your guest bookings. In addition, we can provide the talking heads and experts you need booked on a regular basis. also assists existing bookers, by helping them expand their contacts and teaching useful techniques in order to be successful in this competitive business. We can focus on guest bookings for one, several, or all of your shows. Let us help you with branding through booking a consistent rotation of the guests you want. Our guests include newsmakers, policy experts, elected officials, talking heads, athletes, musicians and authors.

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You can call us 24hrs a day when you're on the hunt for a guest. Whether it be breaking news or your daily show, we're here to help you find the guest you need.

Our niche is not in just finding the guests for your program but finding all the various elements to make a segment great including: full-screens, video, and a solid pre-interview.