We Book Guests for your show

Your television or radio show depend on guests. We provide the experts you need on a regular basis, and we help you get that big name for your show. provides you the support you need to boost your ratings and your guest bookings. Our team of professionals monitor the news each day and anticipate the guests you might need. We specialize in breaking news and we are ready to assist you at all times.

Newsmakers, reporters, athletes, policy experts, authors, elected officials, talking heads, music and entertainment guests are just a sample of what we can offer you.

We do not think like a publicist when booking guests, instead we think like television producers considering the elements you might need for the segment, studio location, pre-interview and confirm the credentials of each guest. Lastly, we work with the guest to cross-promote the appearance with each booking.

Satellite Media Tours

We organize the tour, book the studio, produce the SMT and set up the satellite service. Our team assumes all the leg-work from start to finish allowing you to focus on the most important thing—the interview itself.

Television Production

We have a team of Producers who have booked guests and line produced television shows. We can write script, create graphics, shoot B-roll, edit, create packages and book the show for you. Whether you need support for a television special or you are creating your own production, has the professionals you need to accomplish the mission.

Our Executive Producers have worked at ABC, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. We produce high quality broadcast content whether it is for a local, national or an international audience.

Perhaps you just need to get sound for a package in another city, get B-roll for your production, or have a television show produced from scratch can help you with your project.

Temporary Talent Bookers

Do you need a booker for your show on a temporary basis? We can send you an experienced booker for assignments that are sixty days or less. Perhaps you have a vacancy and you need help until you hire another person for your show or perhaps your booker is out for two weeks and you need temporary help. Because an experienced booker is hard to find we can help you with your staffing needs on a short-term basis. Our team knows the protocol, understands the system and will be reliable for you.

Media Training offers media training to help guests improve their on-air performance. Our media trainers go over physical appearance, interview protocol and content development. Media training is conducted in a television studio depending on the location of the guest allowing for familiarity of the environment and authentic practice.

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You can call us 24hrs a day when you're on the hunt for a guest. Whether it be breaking news or your daily show, we're here to help you find the guest you need.

Our niche is not in just finding the guests for your program but finding all the various elements to make a segment great including: full-screens, video, and a solid pre-interview.