GuestBooker Services

We Book Guests for Your Show

We do not think like publicists when booking guests. Instead, we think like television producers, always considering the elements you might need for the segment (including studio locations, pre-interviews, supplemental graphics and B-roll, etc.) and vetting and confirming the credentials of each guest. Lastly, we work with the guest to cross-promote the appearance.

Become a Guest

Have you ever wondered how to break through the booking cycle to get yourself, your client, or your organization on television or radio? You’re busy, your time is valuable, and you’re looking for media exposure. We work with you to find your hook and get you placed. We don’t just book you on a show. We work with you to understand the business. We book guests daily for national and local TV and can utilize our contacts to get you the type of media attention you desire. We know the television business from the inside out and pitch you and your colleagues each day for various interviews. If you are an author having a hard time getting on air, it’s due to one simple fact: producers care more about your area of expertise than your book! We help you cut through the endless clutter of useless press-kits that never get read and secure the media bookings you deserve.

If you are already a public figure and simply want to boost your profile, we will help you connect directly with the broadcast decision makers and help you build long-term relationships with the right people. As a result, we are selective in accepting clients. After being accepted as a client for, you will receive specialized attention and coaching along with your bookings.

Contacts • Experience • Expertise

Our team helps facilitate meetings between guests and decision makers in the business.

As a booker, producer, or executive, we help put new faces in front of you. As a guest, you can depend on us to get your pitch to the right person. Our team comes from the industry, so we don’t waste your time and always deliver on the contact necessary for the booking. Our contacts include over 20,000 potential guests for your show and 1,500 television bookers currently working in the business.

Satellite TV Tours

Satellite TV Tours are broadcast public relations tools that allow you to maximize media exposure in just a matter of hours. They are the most effective way to get your book, product, or service featured on television, radio, and online programs.  Your spokesperson can visit ten to twenty cities across the country, all while sitting in a studio. We produce a tour custom-built for your brand. gives you immediate access to the news, media, and local lifestyle programs that will elevate your brand and message.

Television Production

We have a team of producers who have booked guests and line-produced television shows. We can write script, create graphics, shoot B-roll, edit, create packages and book the show for you. Whether you need support for a television special or you are creating your own production, has the professionals you need to accomplish the mission.

Our Executive Producers have worked at ABC, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. We produce high quality broadcast content whether it is for a local, national, or international audience.

Perhaps you just need sound for a package in another city,  B-roll for your production, or a television show produced from scratch? can help you with your project.

Temporary Talent Bookers

Do you need a booker for your show on a temporary basis? Perhaps you have a vacancy and you need help until you hire another person for your show or perhaps your booker is out for a few weeks and you need temporary help? Because an experienced booker is hard to find, we can help you with your staffing needs by sending you an experienced booker for assignments or temporary placements up to sixty days. Our team knows the protocol, understands the system, and will be reliable for you.

Media Training offers media training to help guests improve their on-air performance. Our media trainers go over physical appearance, interview protocol, and content development. Media training is conducted in a television studio, depending on the location of the guest, allowing for familiarity of the environment and authentic practice.

Let Us Book Your Next Spokesperson

Let us book your next spokesperson for your TV Tour, Event, or Award Ceremony. can find a nationally recognized personality, an authority on your messaging, or an industry expert. We will secure someone with media “bookability” and experience that fits your needs.